Sunday, April 6, 2014

do something different.

"if you want something different, DO something different. without change, progress is impossible" -Steve Maraboli

this quote right here is challenging me to the core.

speaking of core. i need to do more core exercises. well, i actually need to exercise. period.

and since we are talking about things i need to do, here are some of the things on my priority list:
  • spend time with my family.
  • spend time in the Word and in prayer. 
  • exercise.
  • work.
  • spend time writing again.
  • hang out with friends. and people in the community.
  • go to physical therapy for my injury.
  • do chores in the house.
  • watch reruns of walking dead and real housewives of atlanta

a lot of those things that are in my to-do list involves TIME. which  means i need to eliminate "time-suckers" from my life. time-suckers are the things i do that take up a lot of time but end up being quite useless.

"we all have the same 24 hours in the day....we must choose to spend those hours wisely"

honestly...i don't choose my hours wisely.

and my number one time-sucker is social media. and the number one social media that seems to take up all my time is facebook. i know, who still goes on facebook right? i do! because i moved to a different state (in an island in the middle of the pacific ocean), FB is one of the few ways so i can still get in touch with relatives and friends in the mainland (a.k.a. continental US), the philippines and everywhere else around the world.

but let me be honest here.... i don't really use FB to communicate with relatives and friends. i mostly just



and read statuses that hardly mean anything to me. i mean there is the occasional prayer request and the mom's club announcements and important private messages. but honestly... it's RARE that i read something that does me any good. aaaaaaaand i waste so much of my time taking those damn online quizzes and surveys (like: which walking dead character are you?...btw i got daryl dixon coz im quite the bad***)

(for now)   

i'm gonna begin to use the time i spend on FB to do things that are important for me in this season. 

"without change, progress is impossible"

i am hoping that choosing to make these changes will result in much progress! and if anything, then at least it buys me more time to nap and rest when the baby is napping! LOL so adios for now FB!

i will still be keeping my instagram, twitter, email, blog if you need me. at least there, i wont get suckered into taking the stupid quizzes LOL! there is good old fashion email or a text/call. holla at me if you need me!