Friday, February 14, 2014

Upchucking, clean underwear and real love.

The oldest is sick with a respiratory infection and a stomach flu. He is chucking up everything he is eating and coughing all over the place like he was infected with the same disease Glenn had from Walking Dead......

Which means I'm probably not spending my valentines day in a nice restaurant looking all dolled up and pretty. Instead I am going to make sure that he is going to be loved on and cared for. I let go of every meeting that I have and my to-do list is gonna have to wait till my son gets better. 

As the world celebrates the "romanticized" version of valentines day, having my son sick today reminded me that love isn't always about the warm, fuzzy feelings. 

Love doesn't always look pretty. Sometimes it's messy and it is pretty much found in the mundane. Love isn't always about receiving flowers or chocolates. Love expressed everyday is more like wiping snot off a child's face with your favorite shirt. Or making sure that laundry is done so your family has clean underwear to wear. Love is choosing to believe the best in others, even if you wanna rip their faces off. 

It can also look like wearing yoga pants and watching romcoms with your single girlfriends on valentines day coz you clearly remember how it felt like to be alone during the dreaded singles awareness day and if you being there can help relieve some of that loneliness, then that's what you are going to do. Love isn't just about buying nice gifts for your significant other or booking a really nice hotel so you can get some sexy time *bomchickawowwow*......(don't get me wrong.... getting nice gifts or getting sexy time from your significant other isn't bad at all......) 

REAL LOVE is a constant choice to sacrifice self. It's dying to one's own desires on a daily basis so those you truly care about become great. 

Because that's what Jesus did for us on the cross after all. 

 "We love because He first loved us" 1 John 4:19 

"His gentleness has made me great" Psalm 18:35

Happy Valentines Day world!

#HappyLoveDay #celeberateLove