Friday, September 6, 2013

Jesus, the disciples and the dirty heaux. my thoughts on John 4 (part 1)

these past 2 months, i've been studying the book of john (i'm still there). somehow, i was stuck on  john 4 for half of that time. this chapter has so much truth that's kicking my butt heart right now. here are some nuggets i got while reading this chapter. for this post, i will concentrate on the dirty heaux woman at the well:

  • give people grace - this woman was diiiiirty. she was an adulteress. she had 5 husbands and at that moment was sleeping with a man that wasn't her husband. uhhhmm.. yeah. she was pretty much a slut. most people shunned away from her and judged her. most people did not even want to be associated with her. Jesus treated her like a human being. He spoke to the very need of her heart. He told her what every human being longs to hear: that no matter how sinful and dirty she was, Jesus knew her and He loved her. Jesus showed her grace. because Jesus did that to her, we must do the same for others.

  • meet people's needs - when Jesus talked to the woman at the well, He was able to validate her in a way that changed the woman's life. He was able to meet her needs in every aspect of her life. He met her need by doing one simple thing: talking and listening to her. because of their conversation, she had the revelation that He was the Messiah. sometimes meeting people's needs requires for us to do really simple things. the simplest gesture Jesus did was to start a conversation with her. most of the time, people just need someone to talk to, someone who will listen to them. don't be afraid to start conversations with people. everyone has a personal story to tell and you'll never know just who might need a friend to talk to.

  • don't be afraid to speak the truth - Jesus knew that this woman was sinful. Jesus approached her in a loving and gentle way, meeting her need and validating her, but He didn't stop there. He challenged her to live a completely different lifestyle.

    this woman was thiiiiirsty (click the word if you don't know what that means). her soul was so parched and she was trying to get her fill of love by giving her heart and her body to any man she met. He challenged her to receive Him, instead of trying to get her fill from men and sex. basically He was telling her to "quit her thirstiness", He invited her to receive from The Living Water, and live a life fully devoted to follow His teachings, instead of satisfying her needs with her own idols. (and that could be anything: sex, men, food, fame, power, addiction, people pleasing, etc) He invited her to live a lifestyle of Lordship, making Jesus her Master. when reaching out to others, it isn't enough to show grace and meet their need....we must invite people to live a lifestyle of Lordship. we are to tell others to follow and obey God's commands and the best way to do that is to live a life showing them what that looks like.

  • never discount anyone - again this woman slept around. a LOT. the fact that Jesus was talking to her was already taboo. but Jesus saw beyond the sin and spoke straight to her heart...and because of that, she changed and a whole town came to know Christ because of her testimony. don't limit reaching out and evangelizing to those who you think will fit the cookie cutter mold. God can transform and use anyone. case in point: ME.

    that was me a loooong time ago. i was tagged on this pic yesterday for #tbt. i mean check out my hair. my clothes. my countenance. i looked like i was MAD. i didn't even look like i was happy. to read more of my testimony you can click here and here. as you can see, i was not an easy person to reach out to. but someone decided to get to know me for me and introduce me to Christ. those people were not afraid to speak truth into my life and they challenged me to live a life of Lordship,a lifestyle fully committed to follow God.

    because of that my life was transformed. now, 13 years after, God is using me as a missionary to spread the gospel and make disciples everywhere i go (just like that woman). i'll say it again - GOD CAN CHANGE AND TRANSFORM AND USE ANYONE!

.......more on the disciples and their stupidity on the next post.