Sunday, November 25, 2012

family. friends. sexyness and sushi.

our wall of thanks - what we are most thankful for this 2012.

God and His love. family. friends. our church. our new home. the baby in my belly. our dog. our health (we were down with the flu this past week and we are grateful none of us are battling a life threatening illness).

my son made special mention of being thankful of his "sexyness" O_o and also sushi... what can i say...the boy loves food! and he's slightly vain (I wonder where he gets that from?!?) LOL!

last year we posted a "thank you" note for my nephew Mateo being born in November. this year we are thankful for
john's niece hilina'i who was born this month as well! Yay for babies!

"in everything give thanks." 1 thes 5:18

thank you Lord for the treasures you have given us. help us not to get sidetracked and prioritize those things that aren't on this list only to sacrifice our time and effort in exchange for the things we are most thankful for. we pray our hearts would always remain grateful. amen.