Monday, October 8, 2012

on remaining faithful, rocking foundations, promotion, and being a very proud wifey #oneword365 #oneword

Yesterday, Pastor Gregg Brenes officially introduced our little clan to the whole church. He introduced Christian as the card magician, and he introduced me as the small group intern, and the babybump was introduced as well as he/she made his/her first stage appearance.

I was most proud though, was when Pastor Greg introduced John as the Music Director, who will be working alongside my friend Anna to help develop and build the Grace Honolulu's Worship Team. I stood there and smiled as I listened to John introduce himself. As he was speaking, these verses came to mind:  
  • "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!'" (Matthew 25:23)
  • "For promotion comes neither from the east, nor west, nor south but from God (Psalm 75:6 &7)"
Those that know John know how faithful and loyal he is as a family, as a friend and as a son of God. No one can question his character with faithfulness and loyalty. He is so extremely loyal that he has gone to the same person who has been cutting his hair for 15 years. He stayed in the same church for 16 years and served in different capacities, all voluntarily. He worked at a private school as a band director for 9 years and then moved to a different school, now serving there his 4th year. He made the decision in college to serve God and promised to wait for God to bring him a wife before he would have sex and he waited for 35 years and fulfilled his promise to God. When this guy makes up his mind, He is committed and sticks to his commitment for a long time. 

So when God began to rock his world in the beginning of the year to challenge and call him out of the comfortable in order to seek out the NEW and believe God for more, his foundations were pretty much shaken. His loyalty was tested. He was given a choice to stick with God and move in the unknown, not knowing where God was leading him or to follow what was comfortable and easy and please men/family/friends... 

Needless to say, he chose to follow God, no matter the consequence. And boy were there consequences. Relationships were torn and he has felt pain in tearing of relationships that he never thought he would ever feel. In fact, he even got a prophetic word from a prophet confirming the pain in his heart as the prophet mentioned seeing a cave in in relationships and how it felt like for him to have empty promises given to him. These past few months have been extremely hard on his heart and his foundations were tested. 

But as loyal as John is, God is even more loyal and He is faithful to His Word.... And because John chose to follow God and not man, God opened doors for him in ways that only He could. John got a couple of offers from different churches to be music/worship director or to be a music consultant, he was able to network with different pastors around the island and meet different worship leaders and eventually after much prayer and attending different churches around the island, God led us to this church.

God not only allowed him to do what he loves to do (which is to arrange music), but he also gets to lead and develop people to a greater level of being a musician and being a worshiper of Christ. Because He is first and foremost a worshiper before he is a leader. And if that wasn't enough... i also get to be part of the staff and do what i absolutely love to do - which is to raise disciples for Christ and build small groups. Aaaaand Christian loves his victory club and has made really wonderful friends with other kids his age.

So when he was officially introduced yesterday, I could not help but beam like the proud wife that I am. I have seen God work in his heart these past few months in such an in intimate way. I've seen my husband pained through the process yet grow in His maturity and walk with God in unbelievable ways. And because of that I want to honor him. Though some people didn't understand and at some point we didn't even understand what the hell was going on.... God knew. He knew the hows and whys and He has and is continuing to make it all work out. And this circumstance only reassures us that not only has God called us to fulfill my #oneword for 2012 - NEW but also John's #oneword  - PROSPERITY.  

God is so faithful. He sees the lonely and sets them into family. He has set the three of us in family and has made us prosperous in every way (spiritual, relational, emotional, etc).  And it's only appropriate that God would choose this church and this ministry for us to call home. I have been part of the EN spiritual family for 12 years now and John was saved 17 years ago via the campus ministry under this same spiritual family. (our executive pastor was actually the one who led him to the Lord) Our roots were formed and developed in this family and now God is having us bloom where we were originally planted. Things have come full circle! 

That which was lost this past year was poured back into our lap in an unbelievable measure. And though there was pain in the night while going through the process, joy has indeed come. I cannot help but be grateful and thankful and humbled and driven to worship this Awesome God who has opened doors and turned things around for us. And 3 more months before 2012 ends, He is already showing us that He has and is continuing to bring us into a NEW and PROSPEROUS season. 

Be faithful in a little, He will indeed promote you in due time.