Wednesday, October 24, 2012

good leader VS great leader #dailysoulfood

In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to DO and to TEACH (Acts1:1) 

Good leaders do either one of two things: they do all the big ministry work themselves and they are so busy doing that they dont have time to train or empower others... or all they do is teach and not do any work (nor do their lives lead by example).

Great leaders do what needs to be done and they teach others the "how to's" so that others can learn and even do greater things than what the leader has done.

Daily Soul Food: It's not about being the superstar teacher / rabbi / preacher / pastor / boss. It's really all about working with others and building a strong enough foundation on what God has called you to do so your ceiling can be the floor that others can build on.

That's what Jesus did for His disciples... He taught them, then walked them through the process and then He told them something crazy - He said "you will do even greater things".

Jesus wasn't afraid to teach His disciples everything He knew. By teaching and doing... He built strong foundations in their lives and empowered them to do the same. That's how we should do it as well. Aim to be a great leader and not just a good one. Good leaders make it about themselves. Great leaders make it about their team and other people.

Do and Teach. And don't be afraid to let others shine.