Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sometimes the thing that isnt easy to hear is the word from God. #dailysoulfood

2 Chronicles 18: Jehosapath and Ahab, kings of Israel and Judah were given a choice to believe Micaiah's word of warning over 400 other prophets word of encouragement. They wanted to go to war and the 400 prophets encouraged them to do so. Only Micaiah was brave enough to say: "if you go, you will lose and die"

The kings and other prophets hit him, made fun of him, rejected him, ousted him and put Micaiah back in prison because he called them out and was not afraid. He chose to speak the truth and not a lie.

The kings refused to listen to the "hard thing" that micaiah prophesied and went to war anyway. They faced death and lost much possessions and people because of it.

Daily Soul Food: There are times when we need to hear encouragement and more often that not, God speaks to us to encourage us and build us up....but God also speaks to us to warn us and uses people to share warnings and rebukes. Take note of those that God has placed around you that have a track record of 1.) being a committed man or a woman of God and 2.) don't  have a record of lying. If they speak a warning or a word of rebuke towards you, it only means they care about you enough to momentarily hurt your feelings so that you can be a better person and make better decisions in the long run. They care about you enough to put themselves in an awkward position, even if it could hurt them momentarily (like Micaiah) just so the truth could be shared. 

Beware of friends or family who always tell you that everything is good and dont have courage to say the hard things to your face. Like those 400 other prophets, a deceptive and lying spirit was given to them. Friends who don't speak the truth to you and tell you only those things that you want to hear could only be deceiving you and lead you to your own destruction.