Thursday, September 27, 2012

On defying the norm and stealing a king #dailysoulfood (this one is for parents, aunts, uncles, nannies, caregivers, etc)

2 Chronicles 22:10-12 "but jehoshabeath, took joash and stole him away from the king's sons who were being murdered and put him and his nurse in a bedroom...and he was hidden with them in the house of God for 6 years"

queen athaliah was going berserk and had every royal heir to the throne murdered. there had been 2 generations of evil kings already and when her son died, she decided to rule over israel and anoint herself queen and kill all the royal babies that had the blood line of David (which means they were heir to the throne). because she was queen, everyone had to follow her orders...I mean she was craycray after all so who would dare to defy this evil queen?!?!!

Well, one woman did. Her name was jehoshabeath. She had the audacity to do what was right in the eyes of the Lord rather than what was popular to man, even if it meant risking her life. She decided to "steal" joash and adopt him as her son. Joash was an heir to the throne and was going to be the next king. For 6 years she took him in, took care of him, fed him, cared for him and taught him. All in the quietness of her own home, she groomed him to walk in his God given destiny as Israel's king. There were no applauses from the outside world. In fact, she had to do it all in secrecy. Her only audience was God.

Daily soul food: if you are a parent, a nanny, a caregiver, a god-parent, an uncle or aunt, an older brother or sister - this daily soul food is for you. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER ONE PERSON HAS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A CHILD'S LIFE. It doesn't matter if all hell is breaking loose around your environment, be the kind of person that a child can find solace in and run to. Like Jehoshabeath, be the kind of person that speaks truth and shapes destiny into a child and help them walk in that path. I'm not saying go crazy and kidnap a child...LOL! But just like her, be the kind of adult that defies the norm of being "too busy" with your own business and open up your home and your heart to love on children, no matter what background they come from... Whether they are your blood relative or not and teach them and guide them along the way.

This task is not easy. Often times you will question yourself and ask if what you're doing is worth it. After all, jehoshabeath had no help from the outside. Just her and the boy's nurse. She had no applause from the world and got no recognition for doing this. BUT GOD WAS WATCHING. And He made sure she got her full reward while doing the mundane.

you best believe what we say and do in the life of one child could very well be one of the tools God uses to shape this child and groom him or her for their god-given destiny. all that was recorded of jehoshabeath in the bible was this: that she took care of joash. And then in the next chapter, he was anointed king. Sometimes the most important thing we can ever do in life, is love on the next generation and raise them up to be warriors for the kingdom of God.