Friday, July 20, 2012

you got madskillz #dailysoulfood

"send me therefore, a man skilled to gold, silver, bromze, iron and in purplse, crimson and blue yarn, and experienced in the art of engraving, to work in Judah and Jerusalem with my skilled craftsmen..." - 2 chronicles 2:7

solomon asked for skilled craftsmen and workers who were experienced in certain skill sets and crafts to build the temple. more often that not, society (church, schools, tv, etc) celebrates and exalts the one person that looks like an all-around, well-gifted leader. one like solomon...who was hella smart, hella rich, someone who looked like he got it all together.

but even he couldn't build the temple by himself.  he needed people. he needed others to build the house of God. people who weren't in the "limelight"... the ones who have madskillz in doing every day work..... which are most of us today.

i know people around my sphere of influence that are great in admin, great in teaching, great in taking care of their children, great in making coffee, great in cooking, great in engineering the soundboard or powerpoint, or serving in set up and take down, great in accounting, great in organizing and cleaning, skilled in leading smallgroups and making disciples.

often times, these people aren't in the limelight and they aren't celebrated as much as the "limelight people". often times the people that get recognized are the "solomons"....but remember...without the experienced workers and craftsmen, solomon would have not been able to build the temple (God's house) by himself.

daily soulfood: dear non-solomons.... the church needs YOU (your skill, your craft, your gift, your work) to build His Kingdom. You play an important role in what God is doing...because He chose for you to be a part of keep on at it...even if you never get any accolades or praises. use your gift for an audience of ONE and He will be faithful to bless you in due time.