Saturday, July 28, 2012

triple shot of trust #dailysoulfood

"do not let ur hearts be troubled. trust in God. trust also in me" - John 14:1

Before Jesus mentioned this scripture... He was telling His disciples that He was going to leave soon. Imagine the pain and anguish in the disciples hearts hearing that horrific news. The one they trusted to save them and be their Messiah was going to leave them. They had left EVERYTHING for Him and He was now leaving. 

I'm sure in their heads they were thinking "huwaaaaat? What do you mean you're leaving? You're not supposed to go anywhere... We trusted you with our lives..You're supposed to be the promised Messiah. If you leave us... Where the heck are we supposed to go and what are we supposed to do now?!?!?" I'm sure everyone had some sort of mini-anxiety spell at that moment. 

In the middle of dropping one of the saddest news to them, Jesus says: "do not let your hearts be troubled... Trust in God, Trust also in me."

Jesus was telling His disciples to trust, even when they didn't understand the full situation. He didn't just say trust Me (because He knew they were about to witness His painful death). He told them, trust YHWH, my Father God who has been faithful to His people throughout generations....the One who led Israel out of bondage and slavery, YHWH the One who provided manna in the desert and let them win wars even if Israel was a small nation.

And then Jesus said trust also in me, the Servant who came to live with you, dine with you, heal you and walk with you. The One who laughed with you, cried with you and the One who just washed your feet. (the Holy Spirit had not been introduced to them at this time or else im sure Jesus would have said... Trust also in the Holy Spirit)

Daily Soul Food: When God takes us through hard situations and we receive news that we don't understand... He knows how easy it is for our hearts to worry or be anxious or even be heartbroken and in complete pain. But He wants us to learn that in and through whatever news and season we go through, but especially when we don't understand what is going on, Trust in the characteristic of each person in the Trinity. Remember the goodness and faithfulness of our Father God, our Savior and Lord Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within each of us. The remedy for a troubled heart is to take a triple shot of trust in the Trinity.