Sunday, June 17, 2012

his Hawaiian name and what it means to us. happy daddy's day @jcravalho1

Dear John, 

Thank you for being a wonderful example of how beautiful and selfless our Father's love is for us. You adopted Christian as your very own and took him under your wing. Since then, you have treated him like he came from you, never calling him a step-son, always reaffirming that "he is YOURS".

Over the past few months, I've seen Chrisian fall in love with you in a way that I have never seen him fall in love with anyone before. His eyes light up every time dad is home. He is excited to spend time with you and when he is with you, he loves to just hug you and be there with you. He can't wait for your "dates" and everyday when you go to work, he comes to me and tells me how thankful He is to God that God answered an 11 year prayer request for him to finally have a dad. And God gave him a good dad. He tells me that almost EVERY DAY! He is thankful for you every day.

The bond you both have made me realize that no matter how strong and godly my leadership and godly convictions were in being a single mom, nothing can replace a father in any child's life. Thank you for taking up that role. You didn't need to...but you did it anyway, because you love. Because you know it feels like to grow up in a step-parent home and you know the importance of the need to "belong".

It's beautiful to have seen you grow in love, not just with me, but also with bambam and especially with Christian. I've never seen 2 hearts grafted together so easily, effortlessly and beautifully. Your bond as father & son is definitely something supernatural. It's also fun to see that Christian has imparted life and joy in you. He has opened your heart to love sacrificially in a way you have never loved before.

Everyday, I am so grateful that God has privileged our family to experience a picture of the love of God by seeing how much you love us, how so very patient you are with us, how gentle you are with your words and your touch yet so strong in leadership and conviction.

Thank you for being a father to the fatherless & a defender of the widow (single mom). Thank you for being a refuge and an answer to prayers. Thank you for being our kinsman-redeemer ;) The one who was willing to take this Ruth (and her son) and give us an inheritance, not just spiritually but also physically. Thank you for being my Boaz. My knight (not in shining armor) but in aloha/lacoste shirts and slacks ;) Thank you for being like Jesus in the flesh for us. Thank you for being our "kekoakupaaikealookaku" - the strong leader of your people. Our strong leader. Our godly leader. We love you so much and are so grateful for you. Happy father's day dad. Promise, we will try our best to not ever give you cheesy father's day gifts ;) 

Patricia, Christian and Bambam