Wednesday, June 20, 2012

goodbye addiction. hello heart surgery.

last night i was spending time in prayer asking God to continue to refine and purify me from anything that could possibly be more detrimental to me rather than help me during my time in school of ministry, a lot of things popped up in my head while praying.

a lot of personal things. a lot of heart issues. like removal of pride. and embracing humility. and choosing to love even if you've been hurt. and choosing to believe the best in people and not getting jaded. and choosing to forgive. and being open to learn and relearn everything until you have the faith of a child. and letting my security be in Him. and allowing the extra time i have to spend seeking Him, being with my family and allowing for Him to continue to do major heart surgery to me at this time.

in 2 weeks, He has revealed all that. and i know He will continue to remove more.

but in the midst of all that...the one thing i know is that i have to let go of is facebook... because it is my major time eater. it's really hard for me to do that. coz i feel like facebook is one of the best ways i can have access to my friends and family in LA. i see my sister post pictures of my nephew. i see what my friends and my family are up to. and when i see that, i still feel like i am still in the "know". an extrovert always likes to be in the know. i like to feel like somehow, i still belong. to my family in LA. to my friends in LA.

but at this season...God is calling me not to be in the know. instead He is allowing Himself to be known. that whatever extra time i have aside from the school should be focused towards spending time with Him as He searches my heart and allows me to go through purging and purifying in order for Him to be able to do all He has to do in my life during this season of my life.

so i gotta say goodbye to facebook for now, which is my connection to my extended world. starting 6/21/12 (24 hours) it will be shut down, until God says it's time to resurrect it again.

i will still be blogging for sure. and from time to time, i will still be on twitter (coz how much time does it really take to write a 140 tweet?).  my fb page is now connected to john, so i don't have direct access to it just keeping it up in case you guys still want to get updated with my blog. if you would like to connect with me here is where i will be at for the next few months:
bloggity - (which is here)
twitter and instagram - @imhisfavorite
fb page - ricianne

and for those of you that know my email or number...there's always the old fashion way of communicating. so holla atcha sista if ya need her! =D please be praying for me and my family during this time if God leads you to do so. we really appreciate the prayers and the support.

im out.