Sunday, May 13, 2012

to the one who gave me the title "mommy"

To the one who gave me the title "mommy",

My journey with you has been a beautiful and adventurous one. Thank you for teaching me how to love and how to have fun. I am an extremely blessed mom because I have you as a son. It's such an awesome privilege to know that God has entrusted me to raise a wonderful man and a world changer.

Thank you for being the best kid ever. Seriously. You made the 11 years of being single mother really easy and fun (even if we went through hell together). You are so obedient and considerate and kind and your heart is filled with gratitude and praise, through the good times and even through the bad times (when we were sleeping on sleeping bags or when i couldnt afford to buy us food or buy you candy). 

Even though the world saw me as a strong single mother, you were the one who saw me when i would cry myself to sleep. During those hard days, you would come and hug me and remind me to stop crying and you would whisper: "God is gonna come through for us mommy"... And HE DID!!! Your faith in your DaddyGod inspires me so much.

I pray that i am able to teach you at least half as much as you have taught me. You have brought so much joy to my heart. The day you were born, i received the greatest gift any mother could ever have. I carry the title of "mother" with honor because having a son like you make mothering a such a worthy and beautiful cause.

I love you always, forever. I love you more than you love me.