Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inspiration from my favorite book and it ain't the bible.

I needed some sort of inspiration today. I am in the middle of a "not-knowing-season" and I hate it. because of that, my mind is fried with the possibilities of what if's and what not's....and it's very tiring.

I decided to go through my box of favorite books to find some inspiration. Maybe some author will be able to amuse me with truths of grace and hope and love and hope even more.

Instead of choosing a christian self help book, i gravitated towards THIS BOOK. When my eyes saw the black cover, i immediately pulled it out and smiled. I found my inspiration :) This is my favorite book. And no it's not the bible (though the bible is my favoritest book... This book comes to a close second) and it does have "god" in the title so maybe it counts for something.

Maybe if I read through the life of don vito, santino, frederico, and michael, I will find inspiration. Maybe it will help me with my organizational and relational skills to keep friends close ;) Maybe it will help me with future strategic planning with different families and organizations within the church ;) Maybe it can help me believe and trust and to not be afraid while I'm in the season of uncertainty because my God Father has everything taken care of and is waiting for His plans to be executed.

Or maybe reading this with a cup of java will provide enough entertainment to help me un-fry my very tired brain.

"Why should I be afraid now? Strange men have come to kill me ever since I was 12 years old" - Don Vito