Saturday, April 21, 2012

the other woman. #marriage #parenting

Even if the thought of having another woman annoys the living crap out of me, I know that I have to think about it and pray about it even now.

Everything that john and i teach christian right now will prepare him for the other woman - who will also be known as his future wife one day.

I pray he will be a man who honors his word and live a life of integrity.

I pray he will choose character over compliments, humility instead of pride, purity over a quick fix and godliness instead of wealth.

I pray he will be a man who cherishes and protects his wife and his family before anything.

I pray he will lead his family to love and fear and obey God no matter what the cost.

I pray that he will learn all the massage techniques I am teaching him so he can bless his wife and his kids if they've had a long day.

I pray that he will learn to have a heart like his dad (John), a heart that longs to serve and respect and honor others before himself. A heart that desires to worship God with the gift of music.

I pray that he will never forget the 11 years he had without an earthly father - when he learned to trust God as his Abba-Father and saw the miracles of specific answers to his prayers. I pray those years will forever embed in his heart the power of prayer and a miracle working God.

I pray the pain and memory of being abandoned by BC (his biological father) will teach him to always forgive, never be irresponsible and to never give up on people he loves.

I pray he will never forget the years when we slept on the floor and on couches and on sleeping bags... When his mama was so broke we couldn't afford to buy food sometimes, so he will be forever grateful for each blessing and that he will teach his children one day to have a thankful heart.

I pray he will always remember to love and cherish and honor his wife before anyone or anything else (yes even before me *gulp*) and to do his best to help her, guide her, protect her and launch her into all that God has for her life.

I pray he will never forget the joy of being a child, so he will learn to live a life free from worries and anxiety and will always remember to create memories with his wife and kids.

I pray that everything John and I are sowing into his life will prepare and ready Christian to be the best man he can be for the other woman - the woman who will one day be his wife and the mother of his children.

I pray for the other woman, that she will remain protected in the arms of her loving Father. That she will be secure in her identity as the daughter of the most high God. I pray God will protect her heart from unnecessary pain and guide her steps so that she may walk in the path of His will. I pray she will have the same privilege of growing up in a home where her parents love and worship the Lord and read His word...but if she doesn't, I pray that God would hold her heart close so she knows she is loved and longed for, not just by her Heavenly Father but also that she has a family (in us) who has prayed for her all the days of her life. I pray that one day my arms will be welcoming and comforting for her...that my husband and i will do all we can to make her feel welcome and be part of our family instead of just being her "in-laws" that she dreads to see.

I pray for the other woman, who will one day be my son's wife, partner and life long friend. I pray that they find the same kind of love and healing and friendship that my husband and I found in each other.

And i say a prayer of thanks for my mother in law... She taught John wonderful values and principles that he has brought into this marriage. He has learned so much through their experiences in life and it readied him to be able to take on a heavy responsibility of caring for a single mom with a son, because that was his mom's story too. She prepared him and taught him and trained him well for him to be able to love and respect and lead the other woman in his life that he waited for for 35 years - that other woman is me.