Tuesday, March 6, 2012

it's time to make a difference once again. #humantrafficking

i've shared about human trafficking before. i've written about it here and here. and because of YOUR HELP and YOUR DONATIONS, my son became the highest fundraiser in all of orange country for Stop Child Trafficking Now a couple of years back. a 9 year old kid making a big difference to help end human trafficking. and it happened because of YOU!

it's time to make a difference once again.

tonight my husband, my son and i watched this video together as a family. my son, deeply disturbed with what he saw, told me that he was gonna pray for all the children in the video and do whatever he can to spread the word. i said i would do the same. 

so im doing what i know to do best - to get the word out there. im writing this post to ask you to please take the time to watch this video and do whatever you can to donate to this cause and help spread the word to put an end to this bad guy and help aid in the cause to stop human trafficking. check out invisible children's website. use your blog. use facebook. use twitter. use instagram. use pinterest. use tumblr. use youtube.

coz your voice. your tweet. your fb status. your donation counts.


because doing something about this is better than keeping silent and doing nothing.

*for more information on invisible' children's kony campaign click here*

"it is for Freedom He set us free" - Galatians 5:1