Tuesday, February 28, 2012

set my face like a whaaaaat?

during this season of being unsure, the only resource i have for direction and stability is to trust in God and dig into His Word. as i was reading the bible and meditating on His Word, i stumbled upon a verse that i underlined years before. the verse says:

"for the Lord God will help me, therefore i will not be disgraced. Therefore i have set my face like a flint, and i know that i will not be ashamed." isaiah 50:7

set. my. face. like. a. FLINT.

i was like...set my face like a whaaaaat? did isaiah say lint or flint?!?! what the heck is a flint?? well if you're like me and you dont know what a flint is...let me share to you what i learned. flints are hard rocks which are used for tools or cutting edges, to ignite gun powder and fire or to be used to build buildings, ceramics or jewelry. (see wikipedia)

set my face like a flint. like a hard rock. unyielding. unimpressible.

set my face like a flint. to be used as a tool to fix and cut and pierce and put together. 

set my face like a flint. to ignite fire, especially when struck against a steel.

set my face like a flint. to build, to shelter, to create beauty.

it's interesting that that very verse popped up to my attention at this specific time. coz right now everything around me is uncertain and new. and the easiest route is to give up and run. but even though i don't know what the future holds, right now, at this season, He is calling me to set my face as flint - be immovable, unchanging, unyileding. to continue to fix and cut and ignite fire when needed, to build shelter and beauty for other people.

that isn't an easy thing to do, especially because i am one big ball of emotion sometimes. and in the season of uncertainty and not knowing, it's easier to listen to emotions and feelings rather than choosing to do the hard things. but He promises that He will help me and that i will not be disgraced or ashamed and so i choose to trust in Him. because He commands, i obey. i will set my face like a flint. and i will put my heart to rest in the safest place it can ever be, in the hands of a Loving Father who sees all and knows all.