Sunday, January 15, 2012

sundays look like

Our 3rd Sunday schedule usually look like this:

- Get ready an load up the truck for setup for Sunday service.
- set up the room 
- buy breakfast/coffee for the church 
- have Sunday worship service.
- Take down chairs/tables/etc 
- unload the truck.
- Do Costco runs for food for meeting.
- have our once a month Leadership meetings
- Have our Sunday dinner with the leaders of the church.

This is how we do church on Sundays.

It's very different from what i was used to in LA because we had our own building and our own space there with about 300 members..... But i remember when the church in LA didnt even have 100 people and it was fun to see the church grow and be a part of its growth in some way.

Right now, our church in hawaii is a mobile church and we have an average of 35's a very different dynamic from what I'm used to but I'm so thankful God called me to be a part of this spiritual family! God has great things in store for this church...after all He wouldn't send His favorite all the way here just to get married alone (although what a wonderful surprise that was) ;)

I know God definitely has got something up His sleeve and I am excited and expectant to see what God can do. Coz if God can put a thousand in flight with one person, now that we got 2 people in full time staff... We can definitely put 10,000 to flight.

And if I was able to see God move the church and triple it's size in LA then I know He can do the same here... Coz He is the same God yesterday, today and forever.

We are definitely believing for our church to grow in size by this year. Please be praying for us and with us to see His praises proclaimed in the islands and for Him to use our church to be part of His voice to proclaim His praises. (Isaiah 42)