Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad hair day.

Hi! My name is Bambam. I am a shih-tzu. Or atleast I'm supposed to be a shih-tzu. Instead I look like a mutt. I see pics of other shih-tzu's on the web and I say to myself "wow look at all that hair" then I look in the mirror and I see what my master has done to me... And I get all depressed.

She absolutely has no clue how to cut my hair... but she tries anyway coz she's trying to save some money. I don't really like that dave ramsey guy very much!! He needs to stay out of my business. I say she needs to get me to the groomers STAT. My beard isn't even the same size. How embarrassing to my line of breed. She treats me like I'm some mongrel! Siiiigh.

I guess she's feeling the whole short hair / bald thing... Coz the guy she married... He's nice and all but well... his hair seems to be thinning out too (don't tell her i said that). And my master gets her son buzzed cut and he gets lined up each time he gets a haircut. I'm guessing she thinks it's a good look or something.

I say she's crazy. I also say she's jealous that if she grows my hair long, my hair will look prettier than her split-ended, dry hair. But it's okay coz I love her anyway. She feeds me good food and she rescued me from the street and gave me a bed and a warm home and she gives pretty good hugs so I guess me not having pretty hair is a fair trade for all she's done.

I still think she's secretly jealous of my hair ;) I wonder what she'll do to me if I buzz her hair. The thought is very tempting! *evil smile*

That's it for now.

Xoxo - Bambam