Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You don't write because you want to say something..you write because you have something to say.

I got this gift in the mail today.

Definitely in tears right now. I'm so thankful for friends that remind you of the dreams in your heart and encourage you to go on and pursue them.

This gift came at the perfect time coz I had a terrible week before this. I lost my part time job (from which came a significant amount of money i needed to pay my bills since I'm here only on missionary support). Plus I got super sick on my birthday and my dog caught fleas which cost $200 to get rid off (which i had to take from my savings for Christmas money.)

After this weekend my heart was so discouraged and disheartened. And I was asking God to throw me a bone and give me something to encourage me of my dreams.

I love how God uses people and circumstances to bring encouragement at the perfect time.

This gift reminded me of the promises God was speaking to me as I was sick in bed resting on my birthday. He spoke tenderly promises to me that this coming year would be the beginning of a completely new season of my life. That all the years of tears that I've sown has watered the seeds and now a harvest is about to come (and has began to come already). And He had to bring me to a completely new place (where I don't know anybody) in order for me to see His great miracle working power to take my walk with Him to the next level and that only He could have the power to do these things.

I can't wait to write fresh revelations and promises for this coming season.

  • A new season as a missionary working for the kingdom of God in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
  • A new season as a soon-to-be wife of a great godly man.
  • A new season to have a new name and a new beginning.
  • A new season as God's minister who was given a mandate to proclaim His praise in the islands. (isaiah 42:12)
A new season awaits and by the end of next year these fresh pages will be filled of His promises and testimonies of His faithfulness and goodness.

"He has given me a new song to sing...a hymn of praise to God. many will see what He has done and be amazed and they will put their trust in the Lord." (psalm 40:3)

Thank you to my dear friend and sister Anna, for reminding me that I write because I have something to say... And I thank God for giving me the words to proclaim His praises and sing of His faithfulness all the days of my life.