Wednesday, August 24, 2011

finding 'home' in happiest place in the US.

today marks the 2nd week that we have been here in hawaii. this past month has been a crazy whirlwhind adventure or sorts and today was the only day i actually was able to find the time to just "be" in front of the computer. i miss writing my heart out like this.

to those of you that care to know, hawaii has been treating me and my son really well. though leaving family was hard for us, it wasn't hard to transition our hearts to begin to call hawaii home. it's as if God has supernatually taken our hearts and grafted it into the hearts of the people and the church automatically. that is nothing short of His grace, because we all know that transitions are usually hard emotionally, especially the first few months of moving.

the people in the church welcomed us with open arms. some of them had worked so hard on the renovations to be able to get "home" ready for christian and i and for that we are so thankful. if you haven't already read on twitter or FB updates... i'll say it again here... this is actually the 1st time in 11 years that i am finally going to have my own room and my son has his own room too. HALLELU. i am seriously loving it!

the people here are so much nicer. seriously.  everyone hugs you when they meet you and they are always smiling. it's kinda akward when im meeting someone for the first time and i bust out my "LA-nice-to-meet-you-handshake" and they come to me with arms wide open and give me a big hug instead. it reminds me so much of the philippines...i guess it's coz almost everyone and their mom here is asian (or part asian). i didn't realize how much of LA has jaded me to become distant and kinda cold instead of being welcoming and friendly.

but the people here drive HELLA SLOW (i swear they drive like turtles). and they actually let other people pass in front of them and they even wave at each other when they do. WHERE DO THEY DO THAT AT?!? only in hawaii. LOL actually people here just don't drive hella slow... the life here is slow. it's almost like they move in their own pace. in LA everyone is always "on the go"... here people take the time to actually breathe. and hang out. and talk to other people.

also, everythaaaaang is expensive out here. f'realz. everytime i shop at target/walmart/kmart/grocery my eyes look like this O_o coz of the high prices of everything.  

they eat rice with almost everything and they love them some spam. they say "da kine" A LOT. the women here wear some big tattoos (not just tramp stamps i tell ya... they wear some sleeve tattoos or leg tattoos) the mixed kids are beautiful. almost everyone is brown here (so there goes my dreams to have blazian babies one day).

funny thing is...recent gallup survey says that hawaii is actually the happiest state in the US. (it's actually been the happiest state a few years in a row). i think it's so ironic that God would choose to move me out here. as if being a happy and crazy person in LA wasn't enough already... He wanted to make sure that my son and i would settle in a very happy place and call that place home. i swear i love being His favorite. 

my heart is truly happy indeed.