Monday, August 29, 2011

favorite spot.

i have found my favorite spot. in every house and home i've moved to....i always find a spot that i like the most and i make that my favorite spot. i've only been here for 3 weeks and i already know that this spot is it. 

i even got in touch with my inner green thumb and took my chance to plant succulents. i hope that the fact that it drizzles here constantly will help these plants to live (coz my plants usually die on me). 

so yeah...this is my favorite spot. i sit here in the darkness sometimes and wait for the dawn to come. i love seeing the sun slowly shine and bring life to a darkened sky. or i'll sit here during dusk as the sun tries to kiss the sky one more time before it sets and it leaves the sky blushing with tones of orange and red and pink.

or sometimes (especially on nights like tonight), i'll sit here in the dark...and enjoy the sound of the pitter patter of the raindrops as it falls on the roof while i drink my tea and pray or contemplate about nothingness and/or everythingness. 

the covered patio creates a wind tunnel so there's always wind that's gently blowing and touching my face. and most of the time, unless i call attention to one really sees me sit here. i like the idea that i have a favorite spot to be alone with God. i need to invest in a hammock....or maybe a super loungy rocking chair. that will make this spot even better.

i've realized that even if i'm an uber-extrovert...the inner introvert in me is slowly making it's way out. i actually crave and love these alone times. oh my gosh...i think im getting old. =( im no fun anymore! ugh.