Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Countdown: 8 days to Hawaii & forever friends.

8 days to go. Had no car today so I stayed home and packed the whole day. Well not really the whole day... I packed a few hours in the morning and when it got too hot in the garage, I went back inside and watched shark week and real housewives of new Jersey reruns. :)

When my sis came home from work we went out on a date to yogurtland. The line was ridiculously long coz apparently the cups were decorated with Hello Kitty / Sanrio characters. How fun!!! Ofcourse I got my taro with mochi. yum!

I love spending time with my baby sister C. She's been my best friend for 30 years (since she stole my thunder when she was born 30 years ago). She's the one person who knows me best. I think not having her around (as with my other sisters) is the thing that will make this hawaii trip a hard one in my heart (family wise). She is my friend forever.

Im so excited to see her become a mom!!! She's gonna be a great mommy to my nephew for sure!