Sunday, July 31, 2011

Countdown: 11 days - blessings, goodbyes and spiritual family.

Countdown: 11 days before we leave. Today was our last Sunday to attend our LA church (next weekend is family weekend) and it was very emotional for me and my son.

This has been our home church for the past 8.5 years. It was in this church that I grew and matured as a Christian. It was in this church that I learned how to serve, teach, pray, encourage. It was in this church that I was launched into leadership. It was in this church that my dreams began to grow as i started walking out the initial process of my dreams to teach God's Word and counsel women.

Most importantly, it was in this church where I learned the meaning and importance of spiritual family. You see, just like in blood family, spiritual family has its good seasons and bad seasons, its up and downs. For the past 8.5 years this church has seen its share of good and bad and joys and tears ... and i'm glad I listened to God's voice to stick it through with this spiritual family no matter what happened. And trust me this church has been through A LOT and a lot of people have come out victorious! And I'm proud of the people who have stuck it through aand have grown through the seasons. These people have literally become like family to me and my son. My son practically grew up in this church house.

We have received love and care from so many people in the church. They were there when we were homeless and they gave us a roof over our head. They were there when we had no cars and i received 4 free cars. When I had no money, people would treat me out to eat and buy my son things he needed/wanted. When we were going through a rough time, this spiritual family prayed for us, supported me and my son and rallied around us to encourage us to hold on no matter how rough it got. They watched God take me through the season of wildnerness for years and years and they saw God open miraculous doors for me for this next season of my life. In fact, the members of this church are my biggest givers and sowers for my mission trip and ministry in Hawaii.

The people of this church are very excited to bless the church in Hawaii by sowing not only their friend but also their finances to send me and my son out there. I am forever grateful and thankful that God surrounded me and my son with loving faithful people and friends.

Today, the leaders and elders prayed for me and my son to send us off to our mission trip. They covered us in prayer and assured us that they have our backs in prayer.

That is big for me.... because as I had previously mentioned in my other post, I really believe that it's as important to end seasons gracefully because it speaks volumes on how you will begin a new season. And I'm so glad I have the blessing of my spiritual family, my leaders and pastors as my son and I venture into the next season of our lives.

** side note: I was THE FIRST PERSON that received prayer on our new auditorium/stage. The same stage I took a picture of last January when I said I will preach there one day as the stage was being built. I love that I got first dibs on that stage! :) ha! **