Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Countdown: 29 days to Hawaii.

Today wasnt as emotional as yesterday. I think I was uber-emo yesterday coz I had to pay a traffic ticket for $500 and budgeting my really tight finances right now had me stressed out.

But today I had some proper perspective thrown over my way. I had met up and had lunch with a really close friend of mine who just came back from the UAE. She is visiting here for the summer but has to go back to the middle east next month.

During our lunch convo, she told me about how extremely different the culture there can get... and how there's certain luxuries here that they don't have there... and our conversation got me thinking of how incredibly lucky I am that God had called me to be a missionary out in paradise instead nations who are dealing with extreme poverty problems or nations that are closed to the gospel.

So day 29 ends with a good vibe :) plus it's also my baby sister's thirtieth birthday tomorrow.. so my heart is happy because of that!