Thursday, July 14, 2011

countdown: 28 days to hawaii and thoughts about being single, celibate & desiring sex.

Countdown: 28 days to Hawaii. So far, all I did today was pack and sort through things so there's not really much to that.... 28 days more then I get to unpack everything I'm packing!!! Woohoo!

I also had coffee with a good friend of mine today and we got to talking about life and the church and stuff... and then we talked about how, when it comes to personal issues that people go through, people don't really talk about it because it's too taboo. (This part is about to be rated pg13 so if you're a kid and you're reading this....stop right now)

I then began to say how I've seen christians talk about marital infidelity, fears, insecurities, abuse, adoption, leadership issues, etc.... but i aint heard a blog post or a sermon out there that talks about being single and choosing to stay celibate yet what are practical things to do when the celibate single christian gets horny. Admit it...we ALL know it happens to us. Maybe to some more than others...but it does happen!

I've chosen to live celibate for about 9 years now... and I would be lying to you if I told you I've never thought about sex in those 9 years. I would be lying to you as well if I say its something I don't miss sometimes. I think its the ONLY time I'm like "God having a husband doesn't sound too bad right now...LOL"). Look, obviously I aint a virgin coz i have a kid, so i know how sex feels like. And to those of us that have been there, we gotta admit it, sex feels good.God designed it that way for a husband and a wife to take pleasure in because its His gift for married people.

But what about the single people who have made the choice to stay celibate and wait till God brings a mate along? What the heck do you do when the desire in you is strong??? (Puh-leaaaase don't pretend like that ain't ever happened to you.) Im sure even virgins struggle with this.

Coz the urge is a desire that comes naturally in our body... but it doesnt mean that because something is itchy, it has to be scratched right?

So...what does a single celibate christian do during those times? Does taking a cold shower work? Does praying work? Or maybe  its better to pretend like you dont feel anything and go on with whatever you are doing? Do you call someone and tell them to pray for you against lustful thoughts? Do you actually think masturbation is okay? Do you read the Word out loud to drive lustful thoughts away?

Personally...what works for me....well....I stuff my face with sweets or food and that USUALLY does the trick LOL!!! But if its a really bad day, I call my girl friends or ask my son to hang out outside of the house.. coz i don't trust myself  for me to stay at home by myself. Im just being real.

I ask because I feel like its not addressed much in most churches and yet its a real issue each single person has to face. I know most people aren't comfortable talking about the issue...but I wanna know people's thoughts on this subject. And if you're married:what's your best advice for the celibate Christian singles who are waiting and have been waiting for years?!?!?!

Inquiring minds want to know :)