Friday, July 15, 2011

Countdown: 27 days to Hawaii.

Countdown: 27 days to Hawaii.

Today, I spent my day with my family and really close girl friends. We were getting the house ready to celebrate my sister's birthday party tomorrow. We just spent the afternoon together, doing chores, running errands, cooking, eating, laughing, drinking mojitos, watching TV, etc.

The people that I am with right now are people who know me inside and out... like they know me, my story, my bad habits, my mannerisms, my quirks, my temper, etc and they love me no matter what...

And I realized...when I move, building relationships is something that I am going to start over again... and though that excites me (since I'm ms networking social butterfly) tonight made me realize, its going to be some time before I can truly say I have a friend who truly 'knows' me in Hawaii (and vice versa). I know building relationships is a process that takes time, for me (and for them) to know the positive stuff about me, but as well as the negative. (Yes, I know some of you think I'm perfect but I promise you I got flaws too) LOL!

Anyway, today i just realized that those are some of the things that I'm definitely gonna miss fa'sho..... it's having people around me that know Patricia by heart.