Sunday, July 17, 2011

countdown: 25 days to hawaii and unity in a broken body.

countdown: 25 days to hawaii. clock is ticktocking. i've been gone for the past 2 weeks trying to raise support so i haven't been to church... i went today and some people looked at me as if to say"what you're still here?!?!" someone even thought i had already left. wow. obviously they aren't blog readers/ & or twitter friends. HA! i swear sometimes strangers on twitter know more about my life than my "real" friends. doink. 

today the message at church was unity. using ephesians 4:1-10 as a scripture basis, the speaker made a point to drive in unity within the church. i loved that message, because i think it's so vital for the church to grasp this message. it's even MORE VITAL that the whole body of Christ absolutely gets this.

the body of Christ is so broken. it breaks my heart to see so many churches ripping other churches apart, just because they aren't part of the same ministry. it hurts me when i hear pastors talk down or talk bad about other pastors. some church people think they are better than other church folk coz they think they go to a "better church".

heck to the no. no church is "better". no one person is "better". and you ain't more holy or sanctified that the next person who prays a salvation prayer.

we are all broken. 

the only reason why we are all beautiful anyway is coz of what Christ did on the cross. apart from Him, we are ugly, fallen, sinful, prideful human beings. ALL OF US. apart from Him your church is WHACK. apart from Him, my church is WHACK. [guess what...even with Christ, sometimes we are whack. LOL] your 10,000 member church isn't any better than the 200 member church or 10 person church. 

we are all saved by His grace. we are all sanctified by His grace. and we must continue to trust in His grace as we grow in love. we must fight for His grace to keep us united as a body instead of ripping each other apart. 

i pray that we would begin to walk in unity as a body of Christ.... because Jesus says: "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. [john13:25] how the heck is the whole world gonna know of His love if we can't even love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ?

this quote says it best: "love is wanting God's best for others" - Eric Ahlstrom. we should always want God's best for everyone, not just for our friends or family but for the whole body of Christ and those who are made in God's image... which is the rest of the world.

let's fight to love each other. let's fight to believe the best in each other. let's fight to keep the body of Christ united. so that we don't shame the name of the ONE who took our place to be broken and bruised for us in order that we may remain united in His love.