Monday, July 18, 2011

Countdown: 24 days to Hawaii and allowing myself to cry.

Countdown: 24 days to Hawaii.

Today I cried about leaving for the first time. I had just come from watching a DVD from my papa's house and bringing my son to his friend's house to sleep over. I was alone in my car and was taking the time to pray about a few things when I suddenly found myself in tears.

I tried to stop it, but it just flowed. I was talking to God and sharing my heart to Him about how sad I feel about leaving family and close friends behind. I am excited for this next season and I can't wait to do what God has called and designed for me to do....

but at that moment, I had to allow myself to cry. Sometimes doing  God's will requires for us to sacrifice things we love the most.... in this case, it's being away from my sisters and my best friends.And ya'll have no clue how close I am with my sisters.

oy vey.

I'm an emotional mess right now. I think it's the hormones. It's PMS galore. Someone pass me some chocolates and ice cream please. (See: for more info) please check back on me tomorrow to make sure I haven't gained 20lbs. Thanks.