Saturday, July 23, 2011

countdown: 19 days to Hawaii

countdown: 19 days to hawaii. my farewell / fundraiser party. THANK YOU to everyone who made it out to the party and to everyone who donated $.. a big thank you to you. the money will be going to mine and christian's "furniture and appliances and house stuff and grocey fund" as soon as we get out there. 

ya'll made me and christian feel really special and loved. special thanks to my smallgroup who brought food for the party and  BIG thank you to carol, christie, rosie, cathy and my mom for setting up the place  and the levy's for hosting the party. congratulations to those of you who won the prizes...especially to kelly who won the tiffany ring. HOLLA! 

i only had my phone camera (my camera is broken) so i don't have much pics of the party. if you have pics...please send em my way. thanks)