Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Countdown: 15 days to Hawaii and ending seasons properly.

Countdown: 15 days to Hawaii.

I ran errands the wholr day and had food dates with friends. We had dinner with my ex boss. (I've been eating so much I'be gained weight again!) Anywhoo I love that my ex-boss invited me and my son out to eat a late dinner and she and her niece even gave us financial donations to help with our move and our missions trip. She even said that God forbid, if things don't work out in Hawaii, I'm always welcome to come work for her again.... and she even told me that she was gonna come and visit me and my son :)

This put a smile on my face because I love ending seasons properly. I love that i can use my boss as a reference and that we still have a relationship outside of the office. I value my integrity highly and I never like to burn bridges or end seasons with a bitter taste in my mouth and in my heart.

I left work properly and Im leaving my church properly with blessings from figures of authority in my life as well as loved ones (parents, pastors, my boss, family, friends).

I've heard it once said that "how you end a season speaks volumes on how you will begin a new season of your life".

Im glad (with God's grace) that I chose to do make this decision the right way...  with proper prayer covering and support. It means so much to us that we have the blessings of those around us for this next season. We feel like this will propel us to do even greater things for God since we have the support of those we love and care about.