Thursday, July 28, 2011

countdown: 14 days to hawaii - reeking sweat and garlic.

countdown: 14 days to hawaii. spent the day packing. it was hot as heck in the garage and i was sweating like a pig but me and my son got 4 boxes down - packed and sealed - and now i have 3 more boxes to go!!! woohoo!!

i reek sweat. 

THEN.... i had dinner (don't worry i took a shower first before i went) with really great friends of mine... a couple who has inspired me and supported me and my dreams all through out this time... i absolutely love them. they brought me to the stinking rose in beverly hills coz they heard i have never been....and OH MY GOODNESS...the food was deeeeelish... (except for the garlic ice cream). i am definitely going again.

i reek garlic but i dont care. check out these hot sauces. they will blast your a**. =]

this fertility god in the restroom skuuured me.