Saturday, July 30, 2011

Countdown: 12 days to Hawaii - kiddos.

My baby sister has been sleeping over our place this past week now.she says she plans to sleep over every day and spend time with us until we leave.

Last night she was telling me how much she was gonna miss her nephew (my son). She couldnt help but cry at the thought of not being able to play with him or have him over all the time.

This ofcourse made me cry too. Accckkk the reality of leaving family is becoming more real now.


Dear God, only You know why I have to move and be far away from my sisters. I trust that you will make the transition easy for us. I entrust my baby sisters to you. I know you're going to take care of them and you're going to take care of us. Thank you so much for Skype.  Love, Patricia