Wednesday, June 15, 2011

soul food: slippin'.

"when i said my foot is slipping, your love O Lord supported me. when anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought joy to my soul" [psalm 94:18]

this scripture pretty much speaks for itself. i love how faithful God is, even when i slip or fall. when i disobey or become stubborn, His grace is there to meet me. His love for me goes beyond measure and it holds and supports me through good times and especially through hard times. 

when anxiety and worry and troubles rise up and paralyze my heart to have faith, His consolation and His Spirit brings joy to my soul. it's a joy that doesn't rely on circumstances and answered prayers. instead it's a joy that is based in the supernatural knowledge of my Father and how much He loves me.

His love is the reason why i choose to live. His love is what compels me to reach for His dream for me. His love is the reason why i tell others about Him. His love is the reason why i sing. whether it's in the spring season where everything is beautiful and life is everywhere; or in the winter season, where life is dark and buried and everything i see is covered with the coldness of snow.... songs of His glory will flow from my heart to my King, because His love keeps me from slippin'...and He sets me on a Rock instead