Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If u could have coffee with...

If you could have coffee conversation with any person alive right now and interview them.... who would you choose and why?

My answer: the pastor of the biggest underground church in China. (One underground church = hundreds of thousands of people and raising up disciples that are willing to die for the Gospel to be preached).

Imagine being able to bear THAT MUCH FRUIT for Christ and remaining so humble about it because you can't get any glory or spotlight coz if you do, you will get killed. Imagine having to have to memorize Scriptures in their head since they can't go around holding a Bible. Imagine every time they preach and hold a meeting... the adrenaline rush they get because they have no idea if they are going to get caught or not.

Imagine the wisdom and knowledge that he could impart to our generation and the next generation about faith and perserverance and not being afraid and not wanting the spotlight and the "name", but instead, be willing to work together and trust each and everyone else in the body for the life of each other and everyone in the church. Imagine having a heart to launch other leaders because you know you cannot do everything buy yourself and you need to multiply at a rapid rate because of the urgency of the matter of spreading the Gospel in fear of losing people's lives.

Imagine.... The wisdom i could glean and the impartation of boldness iwould get a glimpse of from one simple coffee  conversation.

If that pastor wasn't available I would totally choose to have a coffee conversation with Adam Sandler LOL! (and my other top 5 choices: Oprah, Mandela, Bono)

If you could interview anyone right now (even your top 5).... who would you choose?