Wednesday, June 1, 2011

halfway through - believe.

woah...we're halfway through 2011 already. daaang, that was fast. it's time to do my mid-year self evaluation and see where the heck 2011 has taken me. 

my #oneword2011 was believe. had i known what this word entailed, i would have changed it to joy or prosperity or something.. coz this word kicked my spiritual tooshy and then some. it was like spiritual p90x for my soul coz my faith sure was worked out.
  • i believed that God would sustain me as i did a 21 day liquid fast in the beginning of the year. and He did and i'm still alive!!!
  • i believed that God would show me clear direction, whether or not i would stay in LA or move to the Philippines and He did! in fact, He is bringing me to a place that wasn't even part of my "option" in the first place.
  • i believed for finances for me.... my hours were cut at work at first and now my days are cut. i went from making $1300 a month to making $900 to now making $500 a month as a single mother.... yet im still very much alive and im still chubby which means im eating more than 3x a day. He is providing.
  • i believed for God to open doors of opportunity for me... and with that came this crazy offer to relocate to hawaii and become a missionary there.
  • i believed God for greater faith.... and now i am having to raise monthly missionary financial support so that i can move out to the islands and be provided for. talk about a faith building exercise. so far, so good, people are wanting to partner with what God is wanting to do in Hawaii.
  • i believed for years for me and my son to be able to have our own place... and when we move out to hawaii... our pastor has offered for us to rent a space in their house and my son and I will finally have our own rooms! for the 1st time since my son has been born! yes, after 11 years of praying!! God made it happen!
  • i believed God for a platform to be able to share what He's doing in my life... and i've never had more opportunities than i've had this year to teach His Word at my local church in LA and even speak at the church in Hawaii and share all the crazy things He's done in my life through twitter/fb/and this blog.
  • i believed God for healing for my family.... and this year we're going to have a new addition to our crazy clan. my sister and brother in law are expecting their first child. i believe this child will be a source of joy and healing for our family.

2 corinthians 4:13 says: i believed therefore i spoke.... my #oneword2011's got me going crazy (in a fun, adventurous way!). the countdown begins... i have around 2 months left here in LA before i move to the islands. two months to:
  • believe that i will raise above and beyond the monthly support we need in order for us to survive out in hawaii.
  • believe that i will raise the finances we need to fly us out there and ship all our things out.
  • believe that i will be able to spend as much time i can with my family and friends.
  • believe that i will be able to do everything i need to do (which is a lot) while in LA with much strength and grace.
  • believe that i will actually be able to afford to fly out of here by august so my son and i can have time to transition before the new school year starts.
i believe... therefore i speak... that all those things are possible.
i believe... therefore i speak... that the latter part of 2011 will be even greater than the 1st half of 2011.
i believe... therefore i speak... that God has great plans and wonderful surprises coming my way. 
i believe... therefore i have spoken & because i have spoken, He has listened & is moving in my behalf.

what are you believing for? what are you choosing to speak over your life? i'd love to stand with you in prayer and believe with you as well. keep speaking His truth over your life for He who promises is faithful.