Thursday, June 30, 2011

do you smeeeeeeeeell what the ROCK is cookin'???

busy. busy. busy. 

there is no other word that captures my life right now. i basically have about 6 weeks left to continue to meet with potential ministry supporters, pack, finish whatever else i need to do and end my season in LA beautifully before i move to hawaii and start a new chapter of my life there.

but i dont wanna let the busyness of all these activities deter me from this grace-filled season of my life. instead i am taking the time to smell grace, coz God is cooking something up and it smells some kinda wonderful.

everywhere i turn, i take the time smell God's grace. the grace of provision. the grace of relationships. the grace of joy. the grace of health. the grace of peace. the grace of His presence. the grace of His love. 

but it didn't used to smell that way. you see for years, my story has always been about chopping and pruning and slicing and dicing. onions when chopped alone, have enough potency to sting your eyes and make you cry. garlic smells terrible by itself, and sometimes the smell is so pungent, it makes you not wanna talk to a person who has garlic breath. i hate tomatoes and vegetables. and meat... if not cut and cooked properly...will make people sick! these ingredients, apart from each other, are usually NASTY and GROSS. but when put together, and cooked up in fire, they smell sooooooooooooooooo very good.

right now i can say im glad (and even very thankful) for the season of pruning and disciplining in my life. im thankful for the fire that God had brought me through...coz it's the same fire that pained me that's now causing those ingredients to bring out some FLAVOR! even though it hurt so much while i was going through the wilderness process, i can say (in hindsight), i see it now as a beautiful place that God had allowed me to go through in order to grow in His love and His grace.

in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, im taking time to smell God's grace....coz whatever God is cooking up.... it sho smells delish and it's making me HUNGRY for more of Him.

dont let the busyness of life take you away from His miraculous grace. take time out and breathe. do you smeeeeeeeeeeeell what the ROCK is cookin' up for your life????