Friday, June 17, 2011

Crying while getting your hair did.

So my sister went to e doctor today and had an ultrasound done... And her and her husband found out what the sex of the baby was....

Im sitting here at the salon getting my hair did when I receive a text and she tells me If I'm having a niece or a nephew....

I read the text....tell my friend (who is practically like family to us co she's my other baby sisters best friend) and then I start CRYING!!!

It was tears of joy at first then I got all sad.... Coz I realized that I'm totally gonna be gone and I won't be here to watch my baby grow up!!!! I'm gonna miss the baby's first tooth, the first smile, the first step. Aaaaaack I feel like a wreck already. This is soooooooooo hard for me coz me and my sister are super duper close... Like that's not just lip service.... She is my best friend.... And she was there when Christian (my son) was growing up... So to miss seeing her baby grow is ripping my heart into pieces.

For the first time since I made the decision to move to Hawaii last April, I let my emotions go... And I'm so thankful berenz was there to pacify my heart.... She made me a great cup of latte too so that helped!

I'm glad I'm getting my hair done right now coz if not then I would be this big ball of emotional mess..... ladies and gentlemen.... check out my nephew....he is ALL BOY!