Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Someone filled my gas tank today. Nala (my car's name) is very happy coz I usually can't afford to fill her up. Most of the time she's running on almost empty, barely making it coz I don't have a budget to fill up my gas, but today, she has a taste of what it feels like to be FULL..

Just like Nala, my heart has been happy too. a week and a half into raising ministry support, I feel like my happy tank is full. Because i am amazed at seeing the extreme generosity of people and how giving people's hearts are, even in the midst of an economic crisis.

Who would've thought that these past 8 years of serving and giving my time to churches & building relationships would have opened doors for me to be able to reap in the area of ministry support in ways I didn't really expect. Im quite shocked.

All these years, I've been so used to running on empty and barely making it for the next day. This past week, I've seen people at my church sow and give to this ministry that I cry almost every night because of the generous hearts that I come across with everyday. I am dumbfounded.
My friends have answered the macedonian call to send me and christian to go and make disciples in the islands. They give, in spite of problems & trials. I am so humbled by this.

God, I'm so amazed by you and how you love me. Thank you for making my cup (happy tank) overflow. Please bless each and every person that has given to me and the lil man thus far. Thank you for all of them who have the heart to sow into your kingdom and to what you're doing in the islands.. I pray you bless each one back in ways thy would make their happy tank full as well. Amen.

"I came so that you may have life and have it to the FULL."  - Jesus [john10:10]