Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my date.

Me and my lil went on a mini date today. We hung out at mall and did some window shopping and also a lil bit of shopping for him. He had a $25 gift card from gap & we were able to get him 3 shirts a pair of jeans all for $25. I love clearance section :) dave ramsey would be proud that I stretched the amount the gift card to buy that much!

Then we walked around the mall, checked out his fave store ever - game stop. Then we went to his 2nd fave store - the apple store. After that, we went to check out some manny pacquiao shirts and laker gears. Basically we drooled and lusted over things the whole time while were window shopping.

Then we went to check out the farmers market they had wednesday over at the mall's parking lot. Im abstaining from certain kinds of food the moment, so that was hard. But aside from resisting the urge too eat funnel cakes, peruvian food and kettle corn.... I had a great date. He is after all my favoritest person ever. :)