Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mojos & girlfriends.

Today, I went to the ONE fundraiser and ate some gooooooood fried chicken and yummy fried mojos. I hope helping the next generation sanctified the food coz I ate a LOT! To balance it out, I had some salad too.

Then, it was small group time. All the ladies in this group (mia: cecile & carol) have been a source of hope, joy, encouragement, and life. They kept me strong and prayed for me when I was at my lowest point and they cheered me on at my highest. I love each one of these ladies with all my heat. (i meant heart....stupid autocorrect LOL).
I'm so glad to have been able to combine my 2 small groups into one.... Coz when I leave, I know that this group will still continue to grow & flourish. 

(missing are women who were part of the small group and those that have been part of the group but moved on to further advance God's kingdom: angela, anna, tina, amanda, ella, joanie, jenny & even berenz & ana).

To all these women, I am forever grateful each and every one of you.