Monday, April 4, 2011

losing me and gaining me.

last october 2010 i was diagnosed with having high cholesterol. my stress level was at an all time high. and so was my weight. i was about 145-146 lbs. and if you're only 5 feet 1 inch...that is not good. ever since then i've made a choice to eat smaller portions and eat healthy food. i also wanted to take you guys along with me in my journey to health to help keep me accountable.
and today....
so far, i've lost about 15 pounds! yay! hopefully my cholesterol level is down too.  taking it step by step...slowly but surely. not because im trying to just lose weight.. but i want a happy, healthy heart .my  motivation: i wanna live long enough to see & enjoy my grandkids & great grandkids.

im also more aware of the fact that i need to spend more time with my son being in "his world" instead of just being around him. so even if i hate getting hit and i scream everytime a bullet flies past me, i play nerf war with him =] bambam hates it! my time playing nerf war with him is so much more fun than spending time on facebook or watching tv.

im taking the time to prioritize what is important,
because in the end, that's what really counts.
i am losing me but also gaining me.