Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hawaii day one - simple is beautiful.

 just my luck: it's gonna be overcast and rainy the next few days in hawaii.
but it's all good coz i actually love the rain.

me and uncle lloyd ate breakfast at dukes by waikiki.
oh my word... brunch was delish! 
coffee conversations about church & God was good too!
just wanna be accountable: i had no food portion control whatsoever.

after that... he showed me around honolulu area
then we went to visit uncle lloyd & al's mom.
i spent the afternoon taking a nap, reading a book/bible, 
praying & talking to God, eating oxtail soup and just relaxing. 

then we went over to an artsy funky cafe
and i got to meet a few people from church.
we listened to a dvd clip by gary smalley.
then everyone went out and ate dinner
 (except me, coz i pigged out earlier..gotta watch the cholesterol!)

i saw this sign in the restroom that described this day to a T.
there's a slow pace here in Hawaii. 
something Angelenos know nothing about.
it seems like life is so much simpler here.
the clock ticks & tocks so much slower.
and people hear move with such ease.

 "simple is beautiful."
and it's so true.