Saturday, April 9, 2011

hawaii day 4 - carwash and younglife

had to rock the venti black coffee w/ a shot of espresso and a touch of cream before the carwash. 

at the carwash. uncle lloyd put me to work right away ;) ha! the church did this to help raise funds to pay for  an outreach activity that they had and to my ticket out here. WOW. i am so humbled and grateful for what they did. im used to seeing bigger churches have "money" to fly their guests in. this small church had to work as a family to be able to raise funds to fly me in.  it was hard work and i dont take it for granted.

after the carwash, a few of us went and grabbed some shaved ice. it was just what the doctor ordered after working hard cleaning those cars. nomnomnom

then i hung out with the murata family and they brought me to a young life fundraiser dinner at some fancy shi-shi home in hawaii. i got to meet different people from other churches. i also had the privilege to listen to the testimonies of children from different highschools share what Jesus has done in and through their lives with the help of this organization.

i gotta say... from seeing a church family work hard at a carwash to listening to the youth proclaim God's praises during dinner, this day made me fall in love with hawaii and her people even more. 



now im just waiting for a sinker.