Thursday, April 7, 2011

hawaii day 2 - 49ers, old and new

today, i asked uncle lloyd to take me to a hole in the wall, non touristy place to eat... and he brought me to the forty niner restaurant... and ohmyword... it was probably the best meal i've had so far during my trip. seriously some delish' fatty grubbin. i absolutely LOVED it.

then we went to hang out the whole afternoon at the manamtam's house, where i got to skype with a dear old friend and sister who lives in maui and see her baby via skype. i cannot wait to see her and give the baby a super hug.

then my son also got to "meet" and skype with a new friend timothy. they skyped for almost an hour and talked about guns, legos, ninjagos, pokemons and even more guns.

after that, it was my turn to get to know a great new friend that night. i had a really wonderful, heartfelt coffee conversation with auntie annie, as we took the time to share our hearts and get to know each other. i know this woman is gonna be in my life for a long time and im blessed to be able to know someone like her.

hooray to keeping old friends and making new ones.