Tuesday, April 19, 2011

faith for greater things.

to fly and move my family (me, my son and my dog) to hawaii and do missionary work there for God means i must have faith in God to be able to provide for some $$$ to fly there and live out there.

today i got my doggy checked. this is just for the dog's doctor fees ALONE! this decision is already stretching my faith like craaaaaazy.

oh my.

during our "living room" smallgroup, we were talking about having faith for the greater things and what obstacles we've had to endure to believe God for great things. well.... this move im gonna make is extremely huge and its totally working out my faith muscles as well as my heart muscles...coz the thought of being far away from my family is heartbreaking.

funny thing is, He first called me to move from the philippines to la (and we all know the cost of living in LA is pricey)..... Now He's asking me to move from la to hawaii where its even more expensive.. God sure has a great sense of humor.

God is going to have to provide above and beyond measure coz shooooooot, its hella pricey to fly out there and its even more pricey to live out there.

the thing is, i believe He is beyond able. i know He can... after all He owns the cattle on a thousand hills... so i know He can and will provide for me and my son and my dog. if He wills and if He calls, He will provide. whether its serving in a hut somewhere in south africa, the busy freeways of LA or in the crowded streets of calcutta or in the islands of hawaii.

faith for the greater things requires me believing for bigger and more seemingly impossible things. you know the things that seem impossible for man to achieve.

i know God sees this situation and doesn't see impossible. instead He says "IM possible". coz all things are possible for him or her who believes.