Tuesday, March 15, 2011

elevator and water

all sorts of adventure today. first, I was at a doctor's clinic when the power went out. As I passed by the elevator, I heard a woman screaming for help. I tried my best to talk to her and calm her down. her name was carol and she was 81 years old. I stood there for over 30 minutes trying to keep her calm. Then the fire department came and forced the elevator open so they could let her out. :)

After that whole adventure, I went home to find that the pool was overflowing and it was flowing to our garden... so we had to figure out why it was happening then we had to clean the water out.

even through all these mini-adventures.. I still took the time to enjoy the view coz the birds of paradise were in bloom and they looked sooo purty :)

then as I was watching zoolander while folding my laundry, I found out that nate dogg passed away. Oy vey.

"Hold up...heeeeey..." RIP nate dogg.