Friday, March 25, 2011


earlier today (around lunch time)... i was thinking to myself "i don't have a fun black clutch...the only clutch bag i have is too formal looking." why i was thinking of a clutch bag while eating lunch... i have no idea. maybe i'm more girly than i thought i was. O_o

anywhooo, at 9:30pm my sister told me she bought me something... and she got me a fun-studded-black clutch bag (made by converse). yay!!! it's not too formal looking but it's not ghettofied either. :) **i found out that she bought this bag at the very same time I was eating lunch, which was about 1:30**

God answered my momentary desire, without me really asking or even praying about it! i love mini-miracles like these. :) thank you God and thank you to my sister for thinking about me! i love u and i love the bag!