Monday, March 28, 2011

bully, baby and blessings.

today, my son got bullied for the 1st time. as an ex-bully... that was hard to watch. some brat (see kid in far left wearing green... yeah that kid) took his basketball away, told my son they could play, but when the lil fatso child... tried to dribble the ball, my ninja stole the ball away to try and make a shot. lil-michelin-man-child took it personally and punched my son in the arm then took off as fast as he could even before christian could react.

i sat there, pretending not to see what happened. it took EVERYTHING inside of me not to run after him and teach mr. bully a thing or two (or four) about what a punch is supposed to feel like. the she-hulk in me wanted to run up to that child and give him a good whoopin'.

as me and my son walked home...i asked him why he didn't fight back...and he said he wanted to, but it took self control for him not to. if the kid punched him again tho, he wouldn't have backed out. i then proceeded to tell him about how his mom was an ex-bully. how i got suspended every year since i was in 2nd grade coz I got into fights. how those fights caused me to lose all self control and caused me to hurt people i love and get kicked out of schools. i told him about my battle with rage and self control. then i told him how proud i was of him for having self control and for being the bigger man in the situation (even if the other kid was probably well over 100lbs).

when we got home, we had no idea what God had in store for us both. my brother in law looked through his things and found his old lego pieces. he gave them to my son today and christian was so happy. he's been bugging me to buy him "lego people" and ninjagos for a few months now. he got ninjagos from his grandma last saturday and today, he got the lego people as well :) and it's now a 'family heirloom' coz these pieces are over 20 years old!

then an angel (or two) passed by our place to surprise me with a wonderful gift - a netbook :) yay! it's perfect coz it's so compact (only 2.4lbs) and i can take it to hawaii with me and skype with my son! whoomp-whoomp!

plus, i also found out that while i'll be in hawaii, my adopted sister will be visiting oahu from maui at the same time I'm there and she'll be bringing her baby tala and the boonsa with her!! yay! i finally get to meet my lil neice - i call her my stariray!

even if the enemy tried to bully us today, He sho can't rain on this parade. it's hard to contend with God's favorites. ;)