Monday, March 21, 2011

are you afraid?

this is MY nightlight. yes you read that right... not my son's but mine. i'm not afraid of the dark... i just prefer sleep with the light on ;)

my sister bought this for me. she says the 'rex' character from toy story is perfect coz rex is a huge dinosaur who looks fierce on the outside but in reality, he is a scaredy cat who tends to doubt himself and is often fearful/worried about many things.

though not a fearful being, i can somehow relate to this lizard, especially when a push comes to a shove and things are unsure (exactly like my situation now).

on days where things don't look right and nothing seems to be going my way... on days when times are hard and it seems like God has forgotten, my mind will start to worry and fear begins to creep in. the 'what ifs' set in and the process of doubting one's self as well doubting if i really did hear the voice of God begins.

though not as bad as the rex-syndrome, i too, like him, have worries. worries like:
  • uncertainty.
  • the unknown.
  • lack (especially in finances).
  • being put to shame.
  • safety.
  • making a mistake
i realized though that if not treated right away... those worries give birth to fear. i'm thankful that the Word reassures me that even in the midst of situations like that, He says that "perfect love casts out fear." when i spend time in His presence and dwell in His love, fear is washed away.

the bible reminds me to replace fear with faith and replace doubt with believing because He loves me and He promises to stay true to His Word. it is my choice to believe and do what the bible says or give into my emotions or circumstances. 

and i am resolved to speak His Promises over me, no matter what situation.

so when i find myself having a 'rex-anxious-moment' i just repeat one of rex's lines in the movie and say: "Buzz (Patricia), you could have defeated Zurg (worries, fears) all along! You just got to believe in yourself (and God)".

so I'm choosing and fighting to believe and not be afraid, even when things are hard and the future is uncertain and unsure... because i serve an amazing God who still performs miracles and does the impossible today and i have faith that He will come through for me.

*this doesn't change anything though...i will still sleep with this night light on ;)